My Man Is Just Harvesting Some Grapes In The First STAR TREK: PICARD Teaser

But are they sour or what?

Somewhat unexpectedly, for me anyhow, this day brings with it a first teaser for the much anticipated Star Trek: Picard. As a service to you, I am just going to get out of its way because that is how I was raised to treat my elders:

I initially watched this feeling like an asshole because my Star Trek knowledge is not good enough to recall the events highlighted by the narration. Now I’m not so sure I’m supposed to. It’s feeling more like these are events we have yet to see, and will likely learn more about as the show progresses.

So let’s stick with what is known. Picard is addressed as an Admiral. He has a vineyard and is making himself a shitload of wine. Does he get drunk off his wine? You know Picard would never do such a thing! The man is dignity personified.

We still don’t have a date for this, but I am absolutely firing CBS All Access up again when it hits. I cannot wait. Also, if you thought you saw this trailer earlier today and then it disappeared... you are not imagining things.