Well, Nerds, They Finally Heard You: A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC Movie Is Coming

Start getting ready your “I told you so’s”.

Star Wars video games are where I draw the line. There are plenty of bad ones, but for some reason even the supposedly great ones still don’t do a whole lot for me. As such, I have been mostly deaf to all the talk I’ve heard over the years praising Knights of the Old Republic.

But there sure has been a lot of it to be deaf to. As far as I have understood, the game takes place in like the Star Wars stone age and everyone is a Sith or something. Well… that’s about the edge of my knowledge!

Except for this: They are actually going to make a movie of it. You see, after Solo and the bad prequels, they decided no one wants to see regular prequels anymore. They want ancient prequels. So I dunno, maybe we’ll see the birth of Yoda?

Anyway, the really cool part of this is the script will be written by Laeta Kalogridis, who helped write Battle Angel: Alita, a movie I actually sort of liked.

So there you go, some big ass Star Wars news to take to bed with you.