SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Delayed Until February Of Next Year

This was probably inevitable.

Please stand by for an important announcement from the Twitter feed of Jeff Fowler, director of Parmount's forthcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie...

Yes, that's right - Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog, which recently took such a beating from the internet over Sonic's unfortunate new look that the studio announced it would be overhauling the entire design, will no longer be arriving in November of 2019, but February of next year. Valentine's Day, if you want to put a finer point on it. 

Is this surprising? No. If you're gonna overhaul the VFX design behind one of the three major characters in your movie, you're gonna need more time to make that happen. Is it a bad thing? Eh, not necessarily, assuming the new design is an improvement on the old one. Is it disappointing? Well, that depends on how eager you were to see Sonic the Hedgehog this November. 

For the record, we're happy to wait, and to give Fowler and company the time they need to make the best possible Sonic the Hedgehog movie. We also hope that they pull a switcheroo on everyone, and employ one of the designs created by Birth.Movies.Death. readers for our recent Sonic the Hedgehog Photoshop contest. Maybe even this one, by BMD reader Graham Hart:

Of course, they'll probably play it safe and deliver a Sonic that looks like the Sonic we all know and love. But that's Hollywood for ya, isn't it? Always giving into the pitchfork-and-torch wielding mobs rather than doing what needs to be done. Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. 

Stay tuned for more on Sonic the Hedgehog as further updates become available.