Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Headed To STAN LEE’S SUPERHERO KINDERGARTEN

Think KINDERGARTEN COP, with superpowers.

Here's some unexpected Arnold Schwarzenegger news to get you through the morning: according to The Hollywood Reporter, the once and future Terminator will next headline Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten, a forthcoming animated series being co-produced by Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment, Schwarzenegger's Oak Productions and Genius Brands. 

What is Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten? Exactly what you think it is:

"The series is aimed at children, and centers on Arnold Armstrong (Schwarzenegger), a gym teacher who was granted superpowers and spent decades fighting crime as Captain Courage. Five years before the story picks up, he had to expel his powers to win a final battle with his nemesis Dr. Superior. He retired from public life, but returns after an explosion of superpowered particles rained down and kids with superpowers began surfacing. Now he works as a kindergarten teacher to help train these children."

In an accompanying interview, Schwarzenegger confirms Superhero Kindergarten is something of a riff on the actor's 1990 classic, Kindergarten Cop (apparently, Lee was a fan), and will allow the former Governor to flex his vocal chops while also imparting valuable lessons to the kids in the audience:

"I have to teach [the kids] about everything. Teach them about health and fitness. Teach them how to be inclusive, not to be a bully, how to set goals for themselves. How to use their powers for good, not for evil."

What THR's report doesn't mention is where one might actually be able to see Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten (they do, however, provide us with a list of executive producers, if that's information you require), but it certainly seems like the sort of project that won't have trouble finding a home. You've got Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop mode (read: Schwarzenegger in "Exasperated With Children" mode, which is one of his best modes), you've got superheroes, you've got positive messages baked right into the show, you've got Stan Lee's name prominently featured in the title...yeah, this one'll definitely land on its feet. 

Will you watch Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten? I can't imagine tuning in myself unless I hear that it's flat-out hilarious - a possibility that's not entirely off the table with Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza writing the screenplays - but I imagine if I had kids I might park 'em in front of this for 30 minutes at a shot. How 'bout you? Got anything to add here? If so, sound off below.