The IN FABRIC Trailer: It’s The Killer Dress Movie You’ve Been Waiting For

Don't put on that dress!

If "Peter Strickland" isn't a household name in your household, it's probably because you haven't already seen The Duke of Burgundy or Berberian Sound Studio, two of the weirdest, most sensual, most decadent films of the past decade. Peter Strickland is a glorious weirdo, and we are lucky to have him out there in the world, making his dark, sexy, disturbing little movies. 

Today, I am thrilled to announce that we've got the trailer for Strickland's latest, In Fabric, which is about....well, it's about a killer dress.

Yup. That looks like a Peter Strickland movie, alright. It's got all the symptoms: the sumptuous cinematography (from Ari Wegner), the slightly-off-center performances, the ominous tone, the lingering threat of violence and - last, but certainly not least - the overwhelming sensation that something horny could happen at any time (I have been assured that In Fabric gets very horny, indeed, but I already assumed that'd be the case). We can't wait.

Here's an official plot synopsis, if that's something you'd like to read:

"A lonely woman (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), recently separated from her husband, visits a bewitching London department store in search of a dress that will transform her life. She’s fitted with a perfectly flattering, artery-red gown—which, in time, will come to unleash a malevolent curse and unstoppable evil, threatening everyone who comes into its path."

As of this writing, A24 hasn't announced a release date for In Fabric, but rest assured that we're very eager to have that information, and will share it with all of you just as soon as it lands on our radar. While we're waiting on that to arrive, please spend the interim catching up with both Berberian Sound Studio and The Duke of Burgundy. If you've already watched those movies, you are cordially invited to watch them again.