Noted Weirdos Tom King And Ava DuVernay To Co-Write DC’s NEW GODS

Whatever happens with this film, it won’t be pulling its punches.

Ever since it was announced that Ava DuVernay would be writing and directing The New Gods for DC Films, not much else has been said about that project. When it was reported that Walter Hamada was clearing the DC slate in the name of a much-needed course-correction, many were worried about the future of The New Gods, which seemed like one of the more promising out of DC’s future films.

Well, now we know for sure that DuVernay’s Jack Kirby homage is still in the works, and it'll have a little help from legendary comic book writer Tom King (as per The Wrap.) Tom King should be a household name to anybody whose read comic books in the past five years. His runs on Vision and Batman are already up there in terms of seminal runs for famous characters. For my money, though, his magnum opus is his Mister Miracle limited series. It’s such a fun, economic, and mind-bending example of the medium, with pitch-perfect representations of its central characters (many of whom will probably be featured in The New Gods.)

I already knew to expect something special from an Ava DuVernay joint, but with Tom King on board, this project won’t do any less than swing for the fences. This is especially good news for Big Barda fans. If King’s Mister Miracle is any indication, the First Lady of Apokolips (and best New Gods character, don’t @ me) is about to get her cinematic due. I expect some fun casting suggestions below.

The New Gods comes out We Don’t Know When Yet (But Probably Before The New Mutants).