Arnold Schwarzenegger Recorded A Motivational Anthem For You

In which the Terminator kind of raps.

Lots and lots of Schwarzenegger News recently.

It started last week, with the first underwhelming trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate (which, admittedly, only featured the briefest of glimpses of Arnold's titular character), and continued yesterday with the reveal that the former governor of California would soon be headlining a new animated series called Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten, which is exactly what it sounds like. 

And now, today, we have an Arnold Schwarzenegger music video.

This is (as pointed out by our friends over at the AV Club) Austrian singer Andreas Gabalier's "Pump It Up - The Motivation Song", which features Arnold Schwarzenegger delivering a mid-song breakdown which teeters on the edge of being a rap. It is, in the grand tradition of many things that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been involved with over the years, goofy and almost embarrasingly earnest, providing a recap of the Austrian Oak's storied career before urging listeners to become the best possible version of themselves. It is by no stretch of the imagination a good song, but it's admittedly entertaining to see Arnold on the mic. 

Is there any nutritional value in such a thing? Probably not. Then again, maybe Arnold's uplifting rap is just the thing you needed to hear today. Maybe this is the moment where you break free from the shackles that have kept you from becoming your Best Possible Self, and you will now storm off to the nearest Gold's Gym to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or maybe it'll just inspire you to rewatch Predator tonight. You're winning either way; might as well enjoy it.