Disney’s Live-Action SNOW WHITE Remake Will Surely Be The Definitive Take

We’ve all been waiting for someone like Marc Webb to breathe life into this dormant property.

I’ll just cut to the chase: Marc Webb will direct Disney’s live-action Snow White and the Seven Dwarves remake. Erin Cressida Wilson (writer of Secretary, Fur, and Girl on a Train) is on scripting duties, while Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are working on songs - which seems to confirm this one will be a musical, like the animated one.

Listen, I know well all like to cross our arms and groan whenever one of these live-action Disney remakes get the greenlight, but when I think Snow White, I think about a story that hasn’t gotten enough shine over the past century. We need an updated fairy tale for the postmodern age, and I’m pretty sure Marc Webb’s Snow White will be it.

Sure, if you want to be cynical, you could do what BMD News Editor Scott Wampler did and search “Films based on Snow White” on Wikipedia to use each of the 32 entries on that list to put down this latest production, but I will not entertain such mockery. There is a zero percent (0%) chance any of the 32 previous Snow White films have already done what Disney and Marc Webb are planning for us. I, for one, can’t wait to see how they’ll surprise us. Maybe they’ll make a high-fantasy epic Snow White? Or a gothic horror Snow White? Sexploitation Snow White? Campy Julia Roberts-led Snow White? Jeez louise, there are so many unexplored directions they can take this property.

Stand by for further updates on this, the most exciting of live-action Disney projects.