The First RAMBO: LAST BLOOD Trailer Has Arrived

Hoo, boy.

The first trailer for Adrian Grunberg's Rambo: Last Blood has arrived, and if you were thinking it wouldn't contain a needle drop for Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road", well, you really let yourself down today. Let everyone down, when you think about it. But we'll worry about that later.

For now, let's just see what Rambo's up to these days...

Well, this certainly looks like a Rambo movie! You've got your explosions, you've got your stabbings involving extra-big knives, you've got your booby traps (check out that one dude taking an arrow to the face in Rambo's entryway, like an absolute chump), you've got the suggestion that the film itself may contain some troubling racial politics, along with the realization that even mentioning this will get you screamed at by a certain segment of the online population. Yup, everything here seems to be in order! 

Here's an official plot synopsis for what is, ostensibly, John Rambo's last adventure:

"Vietnam War veteran John Rambo teams up with a reporter to save a kidnapped girl from a vicious drug cartel in Mexico."

Aaaand here's the film's first poster: 

A possibly interesting side-note here: at this year's CinemaCon, we were told that Rambo: Last Blood would feature a most unexpected finale for the character, and I've been wondering what that might mean ever since. From the looks of things, this is precisely the movie many of us assumed it would be, and I really can't imagine what kind of curveball they might throw at audiences while retiring this character once and for all. Perhaps Rambo will get kidnapped by literal aliens. Perhaps he'll become a mall cop. Perhaps he'll become the assistant manager at a Jamba Juice. There's really no telling. 

Guess we'll find out when Rambo: Last Blood hits theaters on September 19th. You gonna show up for it, or not so much? Sound off in the comments below, and do stand by for many more updates on Rambo: Last Blood as they roll in.