Here’s The Magical First Trailer For Pixar’s ONWARD

It features asshole unicorns.

This summer, the Pixar crew has Toy Story 4 headed our way, and despite its projected $150M opening at the box office, the excitement level surrounding the release of that film seems a bit muted, doesn't it? Of course we're all gonna see it, but every conversation I've had about Toy Story 4 leads me to believe that many of my colleagues are looking at its release as something of a chore, a thing to be wary of (undoubtedly, this has way more to do with wanting to preserve the perfection of Toy Story 3's ending rather than any real doubt about Pixar's filmmaking ability) rather than celebrated. Of course the arrival of any Pixar release should be celebrated, but I get it: the orignal stuff's always gonna be more compelling than yet another sequel.  

Which brings us to today, and our first look at Pixar's Onward.

This is the first teaser trailer for Onward, Pixar's latest original feature. As you can see, it takes place in a magic fantasy world, one filled with dragons and asshole unicorns who eat trash, and stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as a pair of fun-loving brothers who go on "an extraordinary quest". We don't know much more about the plot beyond that, but we do know this teaser trailer's pretty great, and that everything on display here looks about as sharp as anything Pixar's ever released (go back and compare the trailer above to footage from the first Toy Story; it's impressive how far technology's come over the past 20 years).

Here's the first poster:

We're excited Onward and eager to learn more, but we've got a bit of a wait in front of us: this one won't hit theaters until March 6th, 2020. Stay tuned for many more updates on Onward between now and then, and feel free to use the comments below to express your hopes, dreams and wishes for this movie while you're waiting on the next one to arrive.