THE BABADOOK’s Getting A New Limited Edition Release For Pride Month

This rules extremely hard.

It's Pride Month, and the folks at Shout Factory and IFC Midnight are teaming up to celebrate in a most unexpected way: they're rereleasing a new Blu-ray edition of Jennifer Kent's The Babadook, one with a brand-spanking-new cover which salutes our friends within the LGBTQ community while also recognizing The Babadook as the full-blown gay icon that he is

Says Shout Factory:

"Thanks to the unpredictable world of social media, viral videos and passionate fans, The Babadook became an unexpected and embraced LGBTQ mascot in 2017 and even carried over into last year as well. This year, we fling the closet doors open even further to cement his status!

We’ve created a special release with participation from our fine partners at IFC Midnight: an official limited edition and numbered Pride Month-themed slipcover packaging that will be shrink-wrapped over our existing Blu-ray release. The slipcover has a gloss finish with embossed highlights."

Shout Factory goes on to say that only 2,500 copies of the Pride Month Babadook Blu-ray will be produced, and exclusively sold through the Shout Factory website. But that's not all:

"To further celebrate Pride Month, we are donating a percentage of all sales during the month of June to the Los Angeles LGBT Center®. Their organization provides valuable and much-needed services to many, not just in L.A. but across the country. We also encourage you to consider donating directly to them @"

What a lovely gesture! And what a fun thing to do for Pride Month!

Of course there's likely to be some confusion from a certain segment of the population over this one ("The Babadook is gay?!"), but those people obviously never read this BMD post from two years ago, where we learned conclusively that the Babadook is, in fact, gay. Please read that post (from the wildly talented Anthony Oliveira) very carefully before expressing any grumpiness about the above.

The Pride Month edition of The Babadook is now available for purchase via Shout Factory's site. Get over there and get yours now; once those 2,500 copies are gone, it's gone forever (though the Babadook will always live within our hearts).