The JURASSIC WORLD Expands With Animated Netflix Series CAMP CRETACEOUS

The park's expanding!

Summer camp can be hell, but have you ever tried to survive it on an island inhabited by dinosaurs with a group of kids you don’t know? DreamWorks continues its partnership with Netflix with Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The show will expand on the Jurassic franchise, taking us to Isla Nublar around the Jurassic World timeline. You’d think the dinosaurs getting out and wreaking havoc on a bunch of teens might've been an indicator that the continuation of the park was a bad idea, but y’all know I’m never going to complain about more dinosaur content.

We’ve got a teenie little teaser trailer that leaves a whole lot to the imagination, but that’s not necessarily a complaint.

Check it out below:

The animated series will be hitting Netflix sometime in 2020, with Scott Kreamer and Lane Lueras acting as showrunners. Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Colin Trevorrow will executive produce. Hopefully, some will be more involved than others. A 2020 release means that we'll be seeing this before we get the third installment of Jurassic World, but it sounds like the events will take place before the dinosaurs regain total control of the park. At least one would hope.

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