Report Suggests Sony Is Working On A DJANGO/ZORRO Movie

Yes, that Django. Yes, that Zorro.

So, here's an interesting story.

According to Collider, work is underway on a Django Unchained sequel that would bring together Tarantino's titular bounty hunter and the legendary swordsman known as Zorro. This'd be an adaptation of the Django/Zorro comic series published by Dynamite Entertainment back in 2015, which Tarantino himself co-wrote with Matt Wagner. At the time, it was trumpeted as an official sequel to Tarantino's 2012 film, and apparently revolves around the pair taking on "a mission to free the local indigenous people from slavery." 

Now, here's where things get interesting: Collider says Tarantino has tapped comedian Jarrod Carmichael to write the screenplay. Their sources seem conflicted as to how much involvement Tarantino will have in the process (one source claims he's co-writing it, another seems to believe they're both collaborating with a third, as-yet-unnamed writer), and it's unknown as to whether or not Tarantino might direct the eventual film. That seems extremely unlikely (far more likely: Tarantino executive producing, and hand-picking a director to execute the script), but for the time being - anything's possible.

It's probably worth pointing out that we also recently learned Tarantino's assembled an extended, three-hour-plus version of Django Unchained. Between that and this, it sure seems like our dude's interested in revisiting that character's world. We'll honestly be very surprised if this project actually comes to pass, but then, Tarantino's nothing if not unpredictable. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Stand by for further updates on Django/Zorro as they become available.