The SHAFT Red-Band Trailer Is Jam-Packed With Dick Humor

More SHAFT than you can handle, indeed.

Say what you will about the new Shaft

Say we don't need another Shaft movie. Say that a raunchy buddy comedy (technically more of a family comedy, given the characters involved, but let's not get pedantic about it) take on Shaft is jarring given the franchise's gritty exploitation roots. Say that the film's first poster, which prominently featured the tagline "MORE SHAFT THAN YOU CAN HANDLE" is childish. 

Say what you will. We're gonna see the hell out of this movie.

This, as you can see, is the first red-band trailer for Tim Story's Shaft. If you've already decided you're gonna pass on this one, it is unlikely to change your mind. If you already know you're in, well, it'll probably just reinforce your interest. This one appears to be unapologetically, almost willfully immature, but it also doesn't seem to be skimping on the action. We have no idea if it'll be any good, but we're certainly curious to find out.

Here's an official plot synopsis, if you enjoy such things:

"When his best friend dies under mysterious circumstances, an FBI cyber security expert joins forces with his father -- the legendary cop John Shaft -- to scour the streets of Harlem, N.Y., and uncover the truth."

If you are so inclined, you can see Tim Story's Shaft (stop giggling) when it hits theaters on June 14th. See ya there.