James Gray’s AD ASTRA Finally Has A Trailer

Who knew that picture of Brad Pitt in a spacesuit had a whole movie to go along with it?

It’s been a long time coming, but after one little Disney-Fox merger and a shuffling of release dates, James Gray’s Ad Astra is finally coming out. One of 2019’s most anticipated outer space odysseys (in a year packed with contenders) just released its first trailer:

With James Gray heading this project, I was already sold from day one, so this trailer didn’t really need to knock my socks off. But if I didn’t know the filmmaker behind The Yards and The Lost City of Z was also behind this movie, nothing about this trailer really screams “original” aside from the movie’s title. It makes sure to give us mega-star Brad Pitt doing action movie stuff to pull in the Martian and Gravity crowd, aesthetically-pleasing yet realistic shots of outer space to pull in the First Man crowd, and sledgehammer-like homages to 2001: A Space Odyssey to pull in the Letterboxd crowd. I want to see what Ad Astra has to offer to the James Gray crowd. Basically, I’m asking: where’s homicidal Joaquin Phoenix?

The trailer drop also came with a poster (which I am digging slightly more than the movie):

Ad Astra comes out September 20, 2019, where it will then compete with High Life, Lucy in the Sky, and Dark Phoenix to become 2019’s Outer Space Movie Highlander. There can only be one! Who will it be? Please preemptively decide in the comments.