BLACK MIRROR Celebrates Its Return With A New T-Shirt From…Nine Inch Nails?

What a time to be alive, indeed.

Yesterday, I read a funny thing over on Variety. It arrived mid-way through a review of "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too", one of the three new episodes of Black Mirror which hit Netflix last night. This episode happens to star Miley Cyrus as Ashley O, a pop singer whose career is beginning to wear her down and whose music sounded very familiar, indeed: 

"[Cyrus' Ashely O] performs a single whose braindead lyrics, beginning with “Hey, I’m a ho / I’m on a roll,” are dystopianly cringey, or cringeworthily dystopian...The melody, oddly, is directly ripped from “Head Like a Hole,” Nine Inch Nails’s anthemic tribute to hatred..."

This was an interesting development, and had me casually wondering if NIN's Trent Reznor had any involvement with the episode. I mean, it didn't seem outside the realm of possibility, given the subject matter (the presumed roasting of pop stars), the show itself (c'mon - you know Trent Reznor watches Black Mirror), or the band's recent involvement with Captain Marvel, a film which clothed its heroine in a vintage NIN tee and later resulted in an official collaboration t-shirt sold through the band's website. Then again, I thought, maybe it's just a cheeky homage.

Nope. Turns out I was right the first time.

This, my fellow NIN and Black Mirror enthusiasts, is NIN's latest collaboration t-shirt, and features newly updated lyrics for Reznor's classic 1989 tune. They aren't quite the lyrics as quoted in that Variety piece (perhaps their writer misheard?), but that's fine. This is a thing you can wear which combines two of my favorite things, and that's really all that matters at this juncture. 

If, like me, you are eager to express your love of both NIN and Black Mirror in one convenient article of clothing, you can head on over to the band's website and pre-order yours now. They should be shipping out later this month, just in time to make you the sharpest-dressed person at this year's 4th of July BBQ.

Stay tuned for more on NIN and Black Mirror as further updates roll in.