Patty Jenkins Kicked Off The WONDER WOMAN 1984 Campaign A Bit Early

Gee, that suit looks familiar.

By now you’ve probably heard that WB won’t have a presence in Hall H at SDCC 2019. That’s no cause to stress, though. Staying out of the big room doesn’t mean studios won’t have things to show off at SDCC (WB, for instance, will be on-hand with an It: Chapter Two presentation).

It also means we’ll see tidbits beforehand, rather than everyone waiting on a big reveal. Patty Jenkins made sure to drive that point home when she dropped this shot on Twitter earlier today:

That’s one bright poster. Not my thing, but I do dig that the colors form a “W” in the background.

But that's not important right now. What's important is that armor Wonder Woman’s wearing. It looks an awful lot like a modernized version of her Golden Eagle armor (Amazonian ceremonial battle armor), which might give us a hint or two about where Wonder Woman 84's headed: Diana sports the armor in Kingdom Come #3, but we’ve also peeped Hippolyta wearing it during Our Worlds at War. She dies in it. It’s not a very happy moment. The former would be a touch difficult to play out in a stand-alone Wonder Woman film, considering all of the players that would need to be involved, but we've seen DC go in weirder directions over the past few years.

As is custom with comic book fare, all of this could also just be to make fans spin their wheels on theories until more substantial information comes along. If it is a nod, and we are leaning in either of the above two directions for WW84, we might be in for some pretty heavy stuff when the film releases in 2020. But, if the above image is any indication, we’ll be having a very colorful time no matter what.