Female Action Heroes Kick Ass (That’s Just Science)

Wanna see what girls are made of?

You want some kickass lady heroes? We've got you covered. 

The Alamo Drafthouse video team made sure there was something for everyone in these two shorts, didn't they? They kick off with the thesis that “Female Action Heroes Kick Ass”, and then they put a whole lot of money where their mouths are. Doesn’t matter if you’re in love with Ellen Ripley, Cleopatra Jones, Wonder Woman or any of the myriad of other ass-kicking lady-bosses that have shown what girls are made of over the years. They get an extra round of applause solely for featuring the the Leeloo clip that included the Diva Song.

Who would you add to the list of kick-ass action heroines we shouted-out above? Sound off in the comments below!