Jaume Collet-Serra In Talks To Direct DC’s BLACK ADAM

Dwayne Johnson is still on board to play the DC villain.

It looks like Jaume Collet-Serra and Dwayne Johnson had a damn good time together on Disney's Jungle Cruise. Variety is reporting that Collet-Serra is reuniting with the artist occasionally known as The Rock for DC's long-developing Black Adam movie. Johnson has been on board to play the DC Comics villain for several years, and it seems that the success of Shazam! helped get things moving on Black Adam, which centers on Shazam's arch-nemesis. Although Black Adam started out as a straightforward bad guy, his origins and persona have since been revised to make him something of an anti-hero on a mission to clear his name. 

Collet-Serra is an incredibly exciting choice for Black Adam: In addition to his action-thriller collaborations with Liam Neeson (like Non-Stop and The Commuter), Collet-Serra is also responsible for a couple of excellent horror thrillers – Orphan and The Shallows. The guy's got range, and he certainly knows how to put together a thrilling action sequence. Honestly, a Jungle Cruise movie doesn't sound all that interesting, but with Collet-Serra steering the ship, it could be a real good time. His involvement with Black Adam is also another positive step in the right direction for the DC movie universe, and I can't wait to see how this one shakes out. In the meantime, let's speculate wildly about how the hell Liam Neeson is going to figure into this thing.