John Cena Has Officially Joined The FAST AND FURIOUS Family

How much Beefcake can one franchise handle?

Well, the word on this one's been circulating for some time (the notoriously loose-lipped Vin Diesel teased as much via his Instagram account back in April), but today Universal made it official: John Cena, last seen bringing some truly stellar comic timing to both Bumblebee and Blockers, has signed on to join the cast of Justin Lin's Fast & Furious 9.

As of this writing, there's no telling who Cena might be playing in Lin's film (with this franchise, he could be anyone from a fun-loving crook to a superpowered government agent, and those are the only options), though Deadline does say Cena's character will be "a badass". So, sorry to disappoint you, person who expected John Cena to play a cowardly weakling in the next Fast & Furious movie.

Very little is known about Fast & Furious 9 at this point, but we imagine further details arrive in short order: this one hits theaters on May 22nd of next year. Stay tuned for those updates as they roll in, and do check out Cena's performance in Bumblebee if you haven't already. We like this guy around here, but we're particularly fond of him in that one.