ATX TV Festival: VERONICA MARS Is Back In Neptune

Also, some very good VERONICA MARS news for Hulu subscribers.

Buckle up, Marshmallows. Veronica is back on the (literal) case. Rob Thomas got the band back together. Filming a ten-episode fourth season, (with a movie in between the third and fourth seasons) this season centers around Veronica on the trail of a serial killer, who is killing spring breakers in Neptune.

The crowd at ATX was treated to an advanced sneak peek of the new season and a rousing Q&A with creator Rob Thomas, along with cast members Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars), Percy Daggs (Wallace Fennell) and Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) to discuss all things Veronica Mars.

The scene we got to see itself is definitely more adult, but so is Veronica and the gang. Creator Thomas intentionally made it that way, and indeed said that one of the major arcs of season four is putting Veronica at the crossroads of adulthood, kids and mortgages on one side and “freedom” on the other.

The upcoming fourth season was actually inspired by the bombings occurring in Thomas’s hometown of Austin last year. He liked the idea of the new season of Veronica Mars being centered around one overarching mystery instead of the previous more episodic mysteries that sewed together each season’s bigger mystery.

But wait. There’s more. Having found a new home on Hulu, the fourth season will also be dropped all at once, a very different treatment for a show that centers around mysteries unfolding over a season. Hulu also had a great surprise for fans, when Thomas announced they will also be the home for the prior three seasons starting on July 1st. So, get yourselves ready for a rewatch leading up to the big July 26th premiere.

For now, enjoy the trailer for the Hulu release and we will see you on the beaches of Neptune!