ATX TV Festival: A Sneak Peek At The New Season Of YOUNGER

Better than a long look at the new season of OLDER.

ATX TV Festival fans got one more treat in just under the wire. At the final screening of the weekend, Younger fans were treated to a sneak preview of the new season premiere, which the rest of the world won’t get to see until the official release date on June 12th.

When we last left Empirical Publishing, Charles had dealt with his personal feelings about Liza’s actual age. Then, they came out as an official couple and Charles doubled down on his relationship with Liza by stepping down as publisher of Empirical so there would be no impropriety about their relationship. Liza stays on board to run Millenial under the Empirical banner and Hilary Duff’s Kelsey has been given Charles’s old job as publisher!

It’s not at all spoilery to say that the sixth season premiere dives right into dealing with the fallout from all of this Empirical tumult. All of the bookworms we’ve come to know and love struggle with the mountain of work and budgets and data that they’ve inherited, or in Charles’s case, stepped away from.

I think anyone that has seen Younger before would know, though, just because Charles and Liza can be a couple in public doesn’t mean it’s time for them to ride off into the sunset quite yet. Already in the season premiere, you can see some obstacles coming down their path.

Debi Mazar (Liza’s best friend Maggie) joined writers Joe Murphy and Sarah Choi to tease just a couple of hints about the new season after the premiere. For starters, look for a new love interest for Mazar’s character to show up this season. Murphy and Choi also teased that the door isn’t necessarily closed on Liza and Josh’s relationship.

While there isn’t news of the series being picked up again next year, it’s also still very much possible. Both writers acknowledged they hoped the show continues and aren’t ready to say goodbye to this world or the characters that inhabit it. Me neither, for that matter.