ATX TV Festival: Everything Is Fine At THE GOOD PLACE Podcast

Not everything is from The Bad Place.

With the announcement this week that the upcoming fourth season will be the last for Michael Schur’s latest, The Good Place, fans have been mourning the end of the line for this show. If you are amongst them and want some additional Good Place content, though, have I got the podcast for you.

Marc Evan Jackson (mean demon Shawn) and D’arcy Carden (the absolute FORCE called Janet) joined us at the ATX TV Festival to talk all things The Good Place and in particular, record a new episode of the Good Place podcast, which Jackson hosts. If you haven’t listened to the companion podcast, you are missing out. Jackson is a seasoned improviser and the entire podcast is structured much like a rather freeform conversation with cast and writers and just Schur-niverse aficionados like Paul Scheer and Busy Phillips. There are wonderful tidbits about the show shared in each episode. For example, fun fact: Schur only partially explained the premise of the show when selling it to the network because he knew they’d think the full explanation was too weird to get picked up. Also, the showrunner confirmed “who would win in an ultimate battle”, but Schur also confirmed to Jackson that Janets can’t kill demons! To a roomful of Good Place fans, this information elicited audible gasps. (Obviously a Janet can kill, or a least vanquish, a Derek, though. I mean, OBVIOUSLY.)

While talking the podcast, it was natural for the show in general to come up. It was obvious that the actors who work on a Mike Schur show have a high regard for the fans they attract. Carden described the fans as “smart and cool as hell” and Jackson described all Schur shows (having been on Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99 and now The Good Place) as “These aren’t shows you can be ironing in the next room to…” Jackson also let slip a pretty big hint that a 99 podcast was in the works, too. These podcasts are going to be just the ticket for the fervent fan base for these shows, including yours truly, who has now downloaded a good half dozen episodes to get started.

Jackson ends each podcast by asking his guest “What’s good?” Their answer can be a new favorite smoothie or a charity they’re passionate about. This podcast is going to be my answer for a good long while!