Michael Rooker Has Joined The Cast Of Amazon’s DARK TOWER Series

"I'm (CHARACTER TBD), y'all!"

Here's an interesting little update on Amazon's The Dark Tower series, which is currently filming its pilot over in Croatia: according to the actor's website, none other than Michael Rooker has joined the production in an unspecified role. He's joining a cast that already includes Sam Strike (as Roland Deschain, Gunslinger) and Jasper Pääkkönen (as the villainous Man in Black). 

So, I guess the big question here is: who's Michael Rooker playing? As we previously reported, this Dark Tower series won't be a chronological adaptation of Stephen King's original novels. Indeed, the plan (being shepherded along by showrunner Glen Mazzara) is to adapt Wizard and Glass first, along with a few bits of later Dark Tower mythology threaded into the narrative for good measure. Based on the scripts I've seen and the roles that have yet to be cast, I'd put my money on Rooker playing Eldred Jonas. It's also possible Rooker could be playing Steven Deschain, Roland's father, but come on: Jonas has Rooker written all over him, doesn't he? That'd be perfect.

13 episodes of The Dark Tower have been planned, and one assumes Mazzara and company will get the greenlight to shoot the remaining dozen episodes if Amazon likes what they see in that pilot. I know we've all been through the Dark Tower wringer once before, but based on everything I've read, seen and heard at this point, I honestly believe they're doing it right this time. Against all odds, we are excited for another take on The Dark Tower.

Nothing further to report at this time, but rest assured we'll keep you informed as further Dark Tower updates roll in. Stay tuned.