FROZEN II Trailer Includes Characters In Peril

Elsa and friends seem to be facing a conflict of sorts.

I’m not sure many of you need to be reminded that Frozen II is coming out in a few months. But hey, with Disney releasing so many easy billion-dollar grossers this year, I can understand the sequel to the film that brought us “Let It Go” being lost in the confusion.

Anyways, here’s the official trailer to Frozen II:

As far as my interest in sequels to Walt Disney animations goes (I still remember when these things were relegated to home video), I’d say Frozen II has me positively curious. The trailer above doesn’t give away much more than the teaser did, but the voice-over tells us for sure that Elsa and/or Arendelle are in some sort of peril. I’m gonna assume the Troll King read that Vice report suggesting climate change will end human civilization in 2050, and that’s why he’s so worried.

An official teaser poster has made the rounds, too, and it hammers home the marketing theme of “Let’s hide everything behind a cloud of mist because people are going to see this in droves no matter what”:

Frozen II comes out November 22, 2019. That’s six years after the first film, and five and half years since that time you went to your niece’s spring recital and 7 different kids sang renditions of “Let It Go.”