Creepy-Ass Short Film THE BLUE DOOR To Become A Whole-Ass Horror Film From Amblin

See it here (but maybe don't watch it by yourself).

Here's a thing that happens all the goddamn time: one of the trades will announce that such-and-such studio has acquired the rights to such-and-such short film to turn it into a full-blown movie, generally with a big-name producer shepherding the project to the screen. "Oh, that must be a good short film," you'll think, only to then discover that every copy of said short film has been discreetly removed from the internet. It's a bummer every time this happens - you wanna see the thing that got the big-name producer excited in the first place! - but I suppose it makes sense, if only to maintain whatever surprises that newly-acquired short film might contain.

This is a very long-winded way of delivering the following news: Amblin has picked up Paul Taylor's intensely creepy, BAFTA-nominated horror short, The Blue Door, to expand into a feature film, to be directed by Taylor and written by Megan Pugh and Ben Clark, who wrote and produced the original. And get this: it's still available to watch online, should you be interested.

Pretty spooky, right? 

For those who didn't have the courage to watch the above, The Blue Door will apparently follow the same basic plot of the short: a nurse is assigned to take care of an elderly woman living alone in a spooky old house, only for a malevolent force to reveal itself via what appears to be an occult-powered doorway which can disappear and reappear at will. Pretty decent set-up for a horror movie. We'd watch it.

Anyway, nothing further to report at this time, but we're into Taylor's original short and are curious to see what the expanded version of this story looks like. Stay tuned for further updates on The Blue Door as they become available.