Surprise: ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Is Getting A Sequel

But will this be more like ZELDA II or MAJORA'S MASK?

A new Zelda is always something to get excited about, but after Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild brought the series to new creative and commercial heights, a direct follow-up is especially interesting. In today’s E3 edition of Nintendo Direct, we got an early look at such a follow-up.

Take a look...

This trailer (which is entirely cinematic) doesn’t give us much info about the game, aside from the fact that it’s reusing BotW’s assets. Are we playing as Link? Are we playing as Zelda? Are these even the same Link and Zelda from BotW, or have they been reincarnated again? Zelda does have a new haircut, and in this universe, I’d bet reincarnations are more common than haircuts, but feel free to disagree.

I’d really enjoy if this was a continuation of Breath of the Wild, both in story and in gameplay, but I think I’d be even more interested if Nintendo’s pulling another Majora’s Mask, and plans to weird us out with this one. The overhead shot of Hyrule in the trailer suggests that at least the overworld will be similar to the one in BotW. I’m sure the music is also being heavily dissected for clues, but I think it’s worth remembering that the entire score of the last game was minimalist interpretations of classic Zelda themes, so this might just be the series new aesthetic.

It’s probably gonna take a while for this to game to even come out, so that leaves us plenty of time to speculate. What do you all think? Will this be a direct sequel in the mold of Zelda II (meh) or Majora’s Mask (omg)? Or how about we throw a bone to A Link Between Worlds (yay), which managed to stay both faithful and refreshing to A Link to the Past? Sound off below.