Behold, The First Trailer For PENNYWORTH, The Show About Batman’s Butler

Finally, Alfred's action-packed backstory can be told.

With all the other goings-on in the DC Universe - Matt Reeves' new Batman trilogy, the extremely sudden cancellation of Swamp Thing, the endless promises of a Flash movie, a fun-looking new Batwoman series - you might have forgotten about Pennyworth, the Epix TV show about Batman's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Well, that show's definitely still happening, and today we're getting our first real look at it.

Behold, the Pennyworth trailer.

So, first things first: this looks like a decent action/spy drama. Production values are solid. Cast seems engaged. I'm not entirely sure what story's being told here, nor am I sure how strong the connection to Batman mythology will be outside the presence of the Wayne family, but the show itself doesn't look bad. There is, however, a pervasive "Why are we doing this again?" feel to the whole thing, and that's a considerable hurdle to overcome. Perhaps the show will answer that question, quickly establishing itself as a worthy bit of supplemental material to DC's ongoing Batman franchise, but nothing I'm seeing here convinces me this is a show I absolutely need to tune into. Maybe the Batfanatics will disagree. 

Here's how Deadline's describing the show:

"The 10-episode, one-hour Epix drama series premieres June 12th and chronicles the early adventures of the intrepid Pennyworth (Jack Bannon) by picking up with the character in his 20s in England when he is fresh from a stint as a British SAS soldier and working as a bouncer. Pennyworth’s Gotham City destiny begins to take shape when he accepts a security job with a young American tycoon named Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge), who is not yet the father to Bruce Wayne."

Aaand here's the first Pennyworth poster: 

Like it says above, Pennyworth - starring Jack Bannon in the role made famous by Michael Gough, Jeremy Irons, and a weepy Michael Caine - will hit Epix on June 12th. Y'all interested in this one, or think you'll give it a pass? Sound off in the comments below, and do stay tuned for more on Pennyworth as further updates become available.