Here’s The Trailer For That R-Rated BANANA SPLITS Movie You Heard About

What if FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S, but non-actionable?

Back in the late '60s, the good folks at Hanna-Barbera produced a children's television show called The Banana Splits. The show, which ran for two seasons on NBC, revolved around a quartet of animals (read: people wearing goofy animal costumes) who played together in a band and got into zany misadventures, delighting kids everywhere with their light-hearted hijinks.

Naturally, that property has now been turned into an R-rated horror film.

Now, you know me - if there's one thing I hate, it's being cynical. But if I were feeling cynical, I might watch this trailer and think, "Y'know, this looks a lot like someone wanted to make a Five Night's At Freddy's movie, but didn't have the rights, probably because someone's already making a Five Night's At Freddy's movie." But I am not cynical, so I definitely don't think that. I'm sure this is all just a deeply remarkable coincidence.

The Banana Splits movie made some waves online yesterday when it was revealed that the film would be rated R for "horror violence and gore". We had a nice, long eyeroll about that at the time, but I gotta be honest: this movie somehow looks even jankier than what I was imagining. This comes across like nothing less than an Asylum effort (a descriptive phrase I do not throw around loosely). 

But, hey, on the off-chance that you read the news about The Banana Splits' R-rating and were wondering what such a thing would even look like, now you know. Be safe out there.