Congrats, L.A.: Your First Alamo Drafthouse Opens Next Month

It's the moment you've been waiting for, and it's right around the corner.

I've worked for the Alamo Drafthouse for a long time now. I was a contributing writer to this site for years before I went full time. I bartended in one of their locations. I've hosted events for them. And during that time, the #1 question I've heard from people upon mentioning my association with the Drafthouse is, "When is the L.A. location gonna open up?" Even people who didn't live in Los Angeles seemed invested in this, and for the longest time my answer was always the same: "They're working on it."

Today, I am enormously excited to have a new answer to that question. Take it away, Alamo Drafthouse press release:

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced today that construction on the highly anticipated downtown Los Angeles location is nearly complete. The cinema anticipates a "soft launch" in early July with an opening slate of independent and blockbuster films, as well as a wealth of repertory titles featuring beloved classics and hard-to-find cult favorites.   

Additionally, the cinema chain announced that it'll also expand its Alamo Season Pass subscription beta test in Los Angeles.  Members of the subscription plan will be able to watch a movie a day and reserve their seats in advance for one low monthly fee. The beta test will roll out in Los Angeles during the soft launch period, beginning with a small group from a waitlist and then expanding the membership in the near future. Guests may add their name to the waitlist at

Leading the charge at the brand-new Los Angeles location is Rachel Walker, Head of Creative and Programming. Walker brings years of experience on the film festival circuit and as a genre content consultant for studios, networks, and indie filmmakers.

"Getting to put together a programming experience that blends the sensibilities of Los Angeles and the Alamo Drafthouse is a dream come true," says Walker. "My colleagues and I look forward to working with the community to create a home for all different types of film fans."

Walker is joined by a leadership team with deep California roots, including:

  • Head of Marketing Anam Syed, fellow lifelong Angeleno.
  • General Manager Leslie Newell, an Alamo Drafthouse veteran who most recently worked at Alamo Drafthouse New Mission in San Francisco.
  • Claire Brooks, who oversees private and corporate events.
  • Former Geek and Sundry producer Ash Minnick, who'll shape Drafthouse’s flagship tabletop gaming community initiative.

“The reason Alamo Drafthouse exists and continues to grow is to support the movies that we love,” says Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League. “After SO MANY years of planning and development, to be opening in Los Angeles with such a strong team of movie-lovers at the helm is absolutely thrilling.”

Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles is a state-of-the-art facility featuring twelve auditoriums, each with 4K laser projectors and one with 35mm film projection. Like the brand’s nearly forty other locations across the country, the downtown Los Angeles theater includes a full bar and kitchen, as well as the unique bar and video store Video Vortex, where Blu-Rays and DVDs will be available for free rental.

Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles is conveniently located at The Bloc, an open-air urban property in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, hosting an array of unique shops, premier retailers, restaurants and entertainment. At the Plaza level of The Bloc, the Blue, Red, Purple, and Expo lines converge – making it easy to reach from Hollywood, North Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire, Santa Monica, South LA, and Long Beach. Easy-access validated parking is available on-site in the The Bloc’s garage, and bike parking is readily available inside the theater.

So there you have it, gang: the Los Angeles Alamo Drafthouse will begin a soft launch next month, before opening wide shortly thereafter. A waitlist for the Alamo Season Pass is already up and running, and a slew of awesome new folks have been hired to make sure the L.A. Drafthouse is just as awesome as you hoped it'd be. I don't live in Los Angeles, but I know this is a big moment for a bunch of BMD readers, and you have my sincere congratulations. Y'all are gonna love it. 

Stay tuned for much more on the Los Angeles Alamo Drafthouse in the near future. We've got some fun stuff planned. 

(Note: all photos in this post were taken at other Drafthouse locations, and are used with permission by the great Heather Leah Kennedy)