Next Summer, We’ll All Get A Look At Pixar’s SOUL

The Pixar movie, SOUL. Not Pixar's actual soul.

Stand by for an important announcement from Pixar's Twitter feed

What, you thought Pixar was too busy with Toy Story 4 and the forthcoming Onward to have another movie in the works? Absolutely not. Pixar is an ever-growing machine, finely-tuned and capable of churning out new top-shelf productions at a rate other animation studios can only dream of. We say that knowing next to nothing about Soul, of course - for all we know, it'll be an out-and-out disaster - but it seems like that whatever it is, it'll be worth our attention. 

If nothing else, that synopsis has us curious: "from the streets of New York City to the cosmic realms"? What the hell does that mean? Who's even in this movie? Who's directing it? We have no answers to these questions - Soul was virtually unknown until Pixar fired off that tweet - so I'm not entirely sure why I bothered bringing them up. 

But do stay tuned for more on Soul. We'll keep you informed as further updates roll in.