BMD Magazine’s Quentin Tarantino Issue Is Now On Sale

Just wait'll you see what's inside.

Very exciting news today, friends: we're announcing the latest issue of Birth.Movies.Death. Magazine, one entirely devoted to one of our favorite filmmakers, Quentin Tarantino. We've been waiting for the chance to do a QT mag for some time now, and with the release of next month's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the opportunity has finally presented itself.

And y'know what? We went all out. For starters: check out this cover, from the great Chris Bilheimer. It's a tribute to the pulp paperback novels of yesteryear, and good lord did Chris knock this one out of the park for us.

But that's not all. Inside the issue, you'll find deep-dive essays into Tarantino's entire filmography alongside exclusive artwork, a spread featuring some of Mondo's best Quentin Tarantino posters, and - for the first time ever - we're rolling out a gigantic pull-out poster that is absolutely gorgeous enough to frame on your wall. 

The poster's a Ken Taylor piece. You can see it below, but the image is kind of small because the poster itself is four feet across. You heard me - four feet.

Meanwhile - and this is by no means a complete list - here's a look at some other things you'll find inside our Quentin Tarantino issue:

  • The Dawn Of DUSK: A Chat With Robert Kurtzman
  • “Pack Of Red Apples, $1.40”: A Look At The Tarantinoverse
  • Blood Is Compulsory: The Evolution Of Quentin Tarantino’s Violent Language
  • A Banned Apart: Reservoir Dogs’ UK Wilderness Years
  • The Bruised, Charred, Immense Heart of PULP

And much, much more! 

We are beyond hyped to get this issue in your hands, and think you're gonna love it (just speaking on a personal level, I think this is maybe my favorite cover we've done yet; sorry, last year's Halloween cover). Don't be a square - pick up your copy of Birth.Movies.Death.'s Quentin Tarantino issue over on Mondo's website now, and do stay tuned for further updates on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as they become available.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood hits theaters on July 26th.