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People of Earth,

We launched the Birth.Movies.Death. Newsletter back in December, and oh what a time we've had in the months since! We've shared some laughs, some tears, made a few new treasured memories. We've compiled the best links from The BMD Week That Was and sent them to you, come rain or shine, every Friday around noon. Never missed a one! It's been a real whirlwind.

It almost goes without saying that everyone who's signed up for the BMD Newsletter has had their lives demonstrably improved by it - to suggest otherwise is to fly in the face of truth itself - but still, this is not enough for us. We're out here trying to save the goddamn world, people, and we won't be satisfied until every last man, woman and child on the face of this godforsaken planet is receiving the BMD Newsletter, every Friday. Even the ones without an inbox. 

As such, we thought we remind all of you that you can sign up for the BMD Newsletter right here. Now that we've got a handle on what the thing looks like, we're excited to begin experimenting with the BMD Newsletter, adding new features to it (maybe even some giveaways, you don't know) and seeing what kind of mischief can be caused with it. 

So get signed up today, and do keep your eyes peeled for your copy of the BMD Newsletter every Friday. You never know what might turn up in there (besides, of course, the already agreed-upon "best links of the week"; those will always be in there, unless something goes horribly wrong and we accidentally send you all the worst links). 


The BMD Team