THE TERROR Hits Closer To Home In First Season Two Trailer

This should fill the CHERNOBYL-shaped hole in your heart.

What do The Terror and Chernobyl have in common? Aside from a pair of excellent actors (Jared Harris and Adam Nagaitis), they're both expertly-crafted and gorgeously-shot pieces of harrowing drama, is what. And if you're a fan of both, you might be in the market for another season of insanely bleak and terrifying television. Enter: The Terror season two. Officially titled The Terror: Infamy, the second installment of the Ridley Scott-produced AMC series is set in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II – a timely story, for sure. AMC has released the first trailer for the upcoming season, and it does indeed look bleak as hell. 

With our ongoing crisis at the border and the existence of what many people have argued are essentially concentration camps, The Terror: Infamy feels incredibly relevant – and that's before you even get to the terrifying supernatural element. 

The Terror: Infamy stars George Takei, who also serves as creative consultant to showrunner Alexander Wood. Takei's involvement with the series is deeply personal; he and his family were placed in an internment camp when he was just a child. Takei stars in the series as Yamato-san, a fisherman who is placed in two internment camps during World War II. The second season also stars Derek Mio, Naoko Mori, C. Thomas Howell, and Kiki Sukezane, and premieres on August 12.