BIRTH.VIDEO.DEATH.: Reasons We Love Pixar

Warning: tissues recommended.

Don’t we all just love Pixar?

Even if you don’t, you probably did at some point. (Unless you’re Michael Eisner.) As a helpful reminder, the good folks at Alamo Drafthouse’s video department have put together all the moments that made us fall in love with the animation giant. Whether you cried watching Up’s opening montage or pumped your fist in the air at the Toy Story crew’s many capers, this clip show should have you covered.

As a lifelong Pixar fan, it was impossible to make it through this video without getting in my feelings a little. But while watching Andy’s heartfelt goodbye back-to-back with Carl and Ellie’s bittersweet montage did a number on my tear ducts, I can safely say that by the end of it, I was crying tears of joy. How could I not when they included Michael Giacchino’s Ratatouille score and a scene where Mike Wazowski’s acting peak neurotic weirdo?

Toy Story 4 is out now (in case you needed that PSA), and whether you’re a fan, cynic, or nostalgia fiend, you should consider “the reasons we love Pixar” to get primed for their latest feature.