THE STAND Starts Putting Its Cast Together

The Stephen King renaissance continues.

Will all this talk of It Chapter Two, The Long Walk, Doctor Sleep, more Dark Tower and I not even sure what else, it can be hard to recall that we’ve been hearing about another adaptation of The Stand for many years now. Its path is probably worthy of a 1000-page book all by itself at this point.

Hopefully one with a better ending, though, as it really looks like one of these is finally coming together. Josh Boone is supposedly doing it as a 10-episode series on CBS All Access (gonna be time to fire that one up for another week when the time comes, I guess).

Hey, that’s promising! And now Collider has word on some big casting for the project. They claim none of these are all the way sure bets yet, but they are very close. So here you go:

James Marsden is likely to be our new Stu Redman. Assassination Nation’s Odessa Young is in negotiations for Frannie. Greg Kinnear is our probable Glen Bateman. Henry Zaga, to be seen in The New Mutants (if that movie ever comes out) is the likely Nick Andros.

All well and good so far. Then we have Amber Heard for Nadine Cross. That one feels a little iffy to me. But it’s better than boring, which is exactly where Whoopi Goldberg as Mother Abigail puts me.

But we are stuck with the Stand that our overlords give us. At ten hours (which is what, only two hours longer than the last one?), we’re going to be living with these characters for a long time. Hopefully they do well with their parts, even when the casting seems a little weird or uninspired.

Looks like we’ll see soon enough!