THE IRISHMAN’s Release Date: “I Heard Things”

Always get your news from Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast.

UPDATE: Looks like the "ifs" were right and this has been officially deemed inaccurate. There is still no set date for The Irishman.

We are so hungry for information - any information - about Martin Scorsese’s upcoming The Irishman that we don’t mind going all the way to Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast to find that information (okay, fair’s fair, The Playlist did that legwork).

Recently the podcast had producer Irwin Winkler on as a guest and in the course of their conversation, he claims The Irishman will have a Thanksgiving release date. Okay, everyone put on your IF hats… If that’s true, is he referring to its Netflix release or the award-qualifying theatrical run it will receive? Probably the safest assumption - again, if this is accurate - is a theatrical Thanksgiving drop, so everyone can run out and see this thing after stuffing themselves full of turkey. On the other hand, maybe it’s more desirable for everyone to gather around the family laptop after stuffing themselves with turkey.

All I know for sure is the lack of information we’re getting about The Irishman is maddening. I am a demanding man, and I want a real trailer. I want to know what this de-aging business is going to look like in action. And simplest of all, I just want to know when I can expect to see this. How am I supposed to plan my massive Irishman party if I don’t even know when to have all my Jameson and copies of Ulysses delivered?

And not for nothing, but if you’re reading this site, Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast is really something you should consider listening to. The title doesn’t indicate this, but its main angle is really interesting discussions with old Hollywood figures, rather than just Gilbert Gottfried riffing on whatever comes to his mind for an hour. It’s a very educational listen for movie fans, and for fun it also often devolves into gossip about Milton Berle’s dick and which dead actors were likely anti-semites.

In any case, we’re now in late June and The Irishman is at the very least coming out this fall. Secretive as they want to be, solid information is sure to start coming out sooner than later.