Glenn Danzig Shares New Details On His Vampire Spaghetti Western

The VEROTIKA mastermind may even play a role in the film.

Back in April, we learned something amazing: Glenn Danzig, former frontman of The Misfits and titular character in the heavy metal band Danzig, was in the process of making a "vampire spaghetti western", with an eye towards shooting the film this summer. At the time, we were blindsided by this news - Danzig is a horror filmmaker now?! - but in the months since, much has changed.

For one thing, Danzig's proposed vampire spaghetti western wouldn't be the musician's first film, but his second. A few weeks ago, Danzig's Verotika, a horror anthology based on the Glenn Danzig comic series of the same name, absolutely destroyed its first audience at Chicago's Cinepocalypse, earning nearly universal acclaim for being the horror genre's answer to The Room. Our own Andrew Todd was at that screening, and the poor guy hasn't been the same since.

Last night, a few more BMD contributors were on-hand for the Los Angeles premiere of Verotika. They reported back with similar findings, raising our already-sky-high hype levels straight into the stratosphere. After said screening, the maestro himself made an appearance for a spirited Q&A, at which point he shared a few new details on his long-gestating vampire spaghetti western.

Here's the quote, via EW:

“My next film, which I’m hopefully starting this summer, is a vampire-spaghetti western. The soundtrack has been done for two years and of course it sounds almost exactly like an Ennio Morricone soundtrack. I think I’m actually going to do a small part in it too. Everybody in the movie is a vampire. So, you won’t have to wait around to see the vampire. They’re all fucking vampires!”

EW says this news was met with "loud applause and cheers from the audience", a reaction this writer doesn't doubt in the slightest. If, as the word on the street suggests, Verotika really is a new benchmark in the Ill-Advised Cinema genre, how else is one supposed to react to the notion of a follow-up, especially upon learning that Danzig himself may play a role in the film? 

All of this is very entertaining, and we can't wait to see where Glenn Danzig's journey takes us next. As previously reported, Verotika will be available OnDemand this Halloween. We don't have a title or any further information on Danzig's vampire spaghetti western at this time, but rest assured we will be keeping you deeply informed as further updates roll in.