FINAL FANTASY Is Getting Its Very Own Live-Action Series

This was bound to happen sooner or later.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Television, Square Enix and production company Hivemind are officially launching a new, live-action TV series based on the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy XIV, to be exact. That installment of the series was an MMO title, though it sounds like the plan calls for the show to draw from every Final Fantasy game:

"The new show will incorporate characters and elements from across the Final Fantasy franchise, which spans 32 years, 15 numbered entries in the main series and over three dozen individual titles. While specific details about the new TV series plot remain under lock and key(blade), it will explore "the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict." 

That Sony might be working on a new Final Fantasy TV series isn't terribly surprising: it's one of the biggest, most enduring video game properties in the world, and Sony's already spun the franchise off into CGI movies (remember Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?), an anime TV series, and (according to Wikipedia) an "8-episode Japanese soap opera" called Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light. This one's notable for being live-action, though. Given the extensive world-building, creatures and visuals, one cannot help but wonder what such a series might cost. 

Also worth noting: Hivemind's the same company currently working on that Witcher series for Netflix. One might look at a piece of information like that and assume that Sony's Final Fantasy series might also end up on Netflix, but of course there's no further information on that front at this time, so such assumptions are probably best left unmade. 

In any event, this is exciting news for Final Fantasy fans, and we're curious to hear from 'em: what do you hope to see make its way into Final Fantasy: The Live-Action TV Series? Anyone in particular you'd like to see in the cast? If someone were, say, a Final Fantasy neophyte who had only ever played Final Fantasy X, what other Final Fantasy games should that person prioritize? Y'all like VII, right? That's the big one? Help me out here, I got nothing to play right now and my children are starving.

Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on this one as further updates roll in.