Get Ready For A KING-SIZE SUMMER At The Alamo Drafthouse

Let Stephen King scare the hell out of you, all summer long.

We keep saying this, but it bears repeating: it's a great time to be a Stephen King fan.

In between the new books, the new TV shows, the new movies and one feverishly-anticipated sequel (the wait for Andy Muschietti's It: Chapter Two is almost over!), we are living through a new Golden Age of King-related entertainment...but that doesn't mean we should rest on our laurels. Indeed, there's no such thing as "too much Stephen King", a sentiment which will be more than put to the test by the Alamo Drafthouse's just-announced programming series, King-Size Summer.

Here's the press release:

"Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is celebrating the master of horror Stephen King with a curated selection of cult and classic adaptations, beginning in July through the highly anticipated release of IT: CHAPTER TWO. Kicking off with a month of Terror Tuesday programming in Austin and culminating in nationwide screenings of four films in all Alamo Drafthouse cities, audiences will be able to experience a “King-Size Summer” of terror on the big screen once again. 

The lineup includes an Alamo Drafthouse-wide re-release of CREEPSHOW, MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE, THE RUNNING MAN, and STAND BY ME starting in August, along with select screenings of additional classics like CARRIE, PET SEMATARY, THE MIST, and more!

“We’re crazy with anticipation for IT: CHAPTER TWO, so to ease the wait, we’re revisiting some of our favorite Stephen King adaptations,” said Sarah Pitre, senior director of programming and promotions. “These screenings will provide a chilling countdown to the final chapter of one of his most beloved works of fiction. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to build up our fear tolerance before we’re scared out of our minds by IT: CHAPTER TWO!!” 

Aaaand here's a full list of King-Size Summer's programming titles, along with location info:

  • Creepshow (Alamo Drafthouse-wide)
  • Maximum Overdrive (Alamo Drafthouse-wide)
  • The Running Man (Alamo Drafthouse-wide)
  • Stand By Me (Alamo Drafthouse-wide)
  • Carrie (Brooklyn, Yonkers)
  • Christine (Austin, Brooklyn) 
  • The Dark Half (Austin)
  • The Dead Zone (Austin)
  • Firestarter (Austin)
  • The Green Mile (Austin)
  • The Mist (Austin)
  • Pet Sematary (Austin, Brooklyn)
  • Sleepwalkers (Austin, San Francisco)

Needless to say, this is very exciting news (especially for those of us in Austin and San Francisco, the two cities which get to experience Sleepwalkers on the big screen, as God intended), and just the thing we needed to get through what's kinda turned out to be a so-so summer in terms of blockbuster movies. If you're interested in attending these screenings, keep your eyes trained on the Drafthouse website, and snatch those tickets up the moment they go on sale. Some of these screenings are bound to fill up quickly!