Michael Chabon Named STAR TREK: PICARD Showrunner

We’ll worry about the timing of this later.

It has been very exciting to witness the birth of Star Trek: Picard thus far. For starters, its very existence seemed like some kind of far fetched fantasy brought to life. Regardless of whether the show ends up being good or bad (and hey, it may end up being seriously bad), the idea of getting more time with Jean Luc Picard is very hard to argue with.

And then last November, we learned the amazing novelist Michael Chabon was on the Picard writing staff, bringing a whole different level of credibility to the project.

Today we learn that Picard is just going to go full Chabon as he’s been named the series’ showrunner.

My automatic assumption is that this is great news. Chabon is obviously a smart guy and a genuine Star Trek fan by all accounts. I’m very happy he will be in charge.

We still don’t have a release date on this, and despite getting a teaser for it last month, it appears this has not even gone into full production yet. Nevertheless, it feels a bit late to just now be picking a showrunner for it, right? Am I just being paranoid? I really want this show to be good, and while Discovery’s second season wasn’t nearly as awful as the first, I am still a little skeptical of these new Star Trek shows in general. They seem somewhat chaotic behind-the-scenes. Hopefully Chabon can negate that impression and help deliver a Picard show we can all swoon over while drinking Earl Grey tea, hot.