The Family Is Getting Back Together For BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC

This all bodes very well.

How incredible is it that we’re about to finally get a third Bill & Ted movie? The stars have aligned and after all these years we get to see what comes next for this surprisingly witty and thoughtful series about a couple of knuckleheads who save the future with really good music.

And it really seems like the film is on the right track based on casting so far. And by that I mean, William Sadler is coming back as Death. But now there’s more to be excited about.

According to Variety, Hal Landon Jr. and Amy Stoch are both returning to the series as Ted’s dad and Missy. Meanwhile SNL’s Beck Bennett is going to show up as Ted’s brother Deacon. So let’s all cross our fingers and say this together: Deacon + Missy is something that has to happen.

And then over at Deadline, casting is now known for Bill & Ted’s significant others. Jayma Mays will play Princess Joana, who is married to Bill, and the great Erinn Hayes will play Princess Elizabeth, who is married to Ted. I’m bummed these won’t be recasts, but both are great choices.

I’m just so excited for this film. Hopefully we get a look at Bill & Ted in costume soon.