Chris Evans Is Out, Mark Wahlberg May Be In For Antoine Fuqua’s INFINITE

Please please let this movie be good.

First off, just a friendly reminder that Antoine Fuqua is making what sounds a bit like a superhero movie with his upcoming Infinite (not a for real superhero movie, but kind of in that realm). The film, based on a novel called The Reincarnationist Papers, is about a group of people who get reincarnated over and over again to fight some evil mastermind and must rely on a guy with schizophrenia to finally take this mastermind out. Let me be very clear: I will see the shit out of that.

And I was very excited to do so when Chris Evans was going to be the lead. But it turns out Evans had to drop out of the project due to scheduling conflicts with an Apple TV series called Defending Jacob.

So who do you get to replace a guy like Chris Evans? Well, if you’re not thinking about it too hard, Mark Wahlberg. According to THR, Wahlberg is now in negotiations to take the role over.

There are films that truly call for Wahlberg. And heck, maybe this is one of them. But too often, he shows up as sort of a generic action figure, and I’m worried that will be the case here. As stated above, I will see it either way. The premise is cool and I don’t miss Fuqua movies. But I am leery about what Wahlberg is willing to bring to this particular table. If they give him a real character to play, great. If he’s just doing his regular Wahlberg thing, I might be a little bummed out. Or the negotiationists may fail! Who is to say?