New HOBBS & SHAW Trailer Is Here To Save Your Friday

Goddammit, I am in love.

Every Hobbs & Shaw trailer has been good so far. They only really needed the one. But every Hobbs & Shaw trailer has also been better than the last. This new one is no exception. I need to see this movie as soon as I possibly can:

It’s been an uneven summer. Endgame and John Wick were great, but we could really use a super fun, just totally goofball buddy comedy like this. I’m so far away from being sore about Deckard Shaw killing Han at this point. I feel guilty about it but it’s true. BBQing poor Han was worth it for a Rock-Statham two-hander of this magnitude. Also, I feel in my gut Han’s not all that dead anyway.

So let’s just sit back and wait for the summer’s most entertaining movie to finally hit us. I mean, that’s what this has got to be, right? What chance does anything else have? Did you SEE the shot above where The Rock shoulders an ax while Statham shoulders a fucking chainsaw? I’m only human, after all.

August 2. We can do it. The wait won’t be THAT bad.