You Can Now Own MIDSOMMAR’s Bear In A Cage

Fun for the whole family!

Those of you who've seen A24's Midsommar know that the "bear in a cage" plays an integral role in Ari Aster's Hereditary follow-up. In fact, it's become such a touchstone for viewers, A24 went ahead and turned the character (we can call the "bear in a cage" a character, right?) into its very own toy.

Behold, A24's Bear in a Cage:

You're probably thinking: "Haha, the A24 marketing folks have done it again, capitalizing on the current popularity of their latest indie hit to produce a crafty viral video which is all but guaranteed to delight everyone who's already seen the film, while intriguing those who haven't had the chance yet!" Partially true, but not entirely true: as it turns out, A24 has actually made these Bears in Cages, and will be selling them via the A24 site starting on July 10th.

 The relevant specs:

6" x 3" x 4" hand-stained pinewood cage with Midsommar engraving.

Resin grizzly figurine trapped inside.

Comes wearing a custom hand-stitched flower garland and mini bell (thanks Judy!). 

Now, there's a catch here: only 75 of these have been produced, which means they're probably gonna disappear mere seconds after going on sale. We don't know what time they're dropping or what they might cost, but we do know that we really, really want one, and if we fail to score on the drop we will be sent into a dizzying tailspin of depression that may or may not lead to us making the last-minute decision to take a trip to a remote corner of Sweden next month. We've seen Midsommar and really don't want that to happen, so here's hoping we're around when these land in A24's online store tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more on Midsommar (and more from A24) as further updates become available.