The Momo Challenge Is Getting Its Very Own Horror Movie

Actually, it's the SECOND Momo Challenge movie, so...hope you like Momo Challenge movies.

Earlier this year, something called "The Momo Challenge" took the internet by storm. What began as a creepypasta-style hoax turned into a no-shit phenomenon, gaining traction on virtually every social media platform and becoming so ubiquitous that hysterical parents and easily-rattled local news affiliates had no choice but to go into full Panic Mode. 

What was the Momo Challenge? For a number of reasons, it's tricky to explain, but Wikipedia offers a very succinct rundown for anyone who missed out:

"The 'Momo Challenge' Internet urban legend about a nonexistent social media challenge that was spread on Facebook and other media outlets. It was reported that children and adolescents were being enticed by a user named Momo to perform a series of dangerous tasks including violent attacks, self-harm and suicide. Despite claims that the phenomenon had reached worldwide proportions in July 2018, the number of actual complaints was relatively small and no law enforcement agency has confirmed that anyone was harmed as a direct result of it. Concern and distress registered by children was primarily driven by media reports rather than as a result of "Momo", leading children's charities to view warnings against the alleged phenomenon as causing more harm than good by leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy which may encourage children to look up violent material on the Internet."

So, as you can see, classic internet shenanigans: you've got your unsettling photo, you've got your vague backstory that doesn't really make sense (but, crucially, makes just enough sense to seem plausible to anyone who doesn't live on the internet), you've got your celebrity non-endorsement via Kim Kardashian. It was a perfect viral storm, in other words - thuddingly stupid, impossible to look away from, and both hilarious and annoying in equal measure.

Well, guess what's happening now?

"Momo is ready for her close-up. Orion Pictures is partnering with Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment and producer Taka Ichise to develop a horror film based on the creepy sculpture now known globally as Momo thanks to the viral hoax called Momo’s Challenge."

That's Deadline breaking the news that a Momo Challenge movie is now being developed by Orion, Vertigo Entertainment and Taka Ichise. Might such a thing be worth making? Well, anything's possible, but this writer can't help but think of all those Slender Man movies that got made (or went un-made after being announced). You'd figure at least one of those would've been good, but you'd be wrong. 

How might a Momo Challenge movie function? Well, maybe they'll do something truly surreal with it. Maybe they'll go full meta with the concept. Maybe it'll be a no-shit hallucinogenic nightmare. Could be a lot of things, but probably it's gonna be a thing where a group of teens finds itself in a desperate race against the clock to stop Momo from killing off one of their friends, with lots of jump scares involving mirrors and a terrifying PG-13 rating. Maybe they'll be in a secluded cabin or something. 

UPDATE: Incredibly, I have just been informed that this isn't the first Momo Challenge movie to go into production. There's another one, called Getaway, which arrives this November (a glance at its IMDb page suggests it may end up being a VOD jam). It is, in fact, about a group of teenagers who find themselves under attack in a secluded cabin. Do with that information what you will.

Stay tuned for more on the Momo Challenge movie(s) as further updates roll in.