Duncan Jones Taking Graphic Novel Route With MOON & MUTE Follow-Up

Which monosyllabic M-word will this one use for its title?

Duncan Jones' career has had some rough turns of late. After his widely-adored debut Moon, he followed up with Source Code to fainter, but still enthusiastic response, then jumped straight into the attempted megablockbuster Warcraft before making Mute for Netflix. Despite containing definite flickers of inspiration, Warcraft failed to impress many critically or financially, while Mute likely suffered from a lack of oversight, ending up something of a mess.

Possibly as a result of all that, Jones has had issues securing financing for his next feature, the third in a loose trilogy that also contains Moon and Mute. Speaking to Polygon, he lamented "this era where original material on a bigger budget is difficult to get made," soft-announcing that he's working on the film in graphic-novel form. The idea is to release it as a graphic novel, then if that's successful, to use that as leverage in financing a film version.

As to what the movie would actually be, it'd take place in the same universe as Jones' two prior monosyllabic sci-fi films, but once again shift in genre. Where Moon is "a human drama" and Mute is "a noir thriller," says Jones, "the third film is basically an action road movie." Describing the trilogy as like a science-fiction Three Colours trilogy, he says the films' "underlying themes [are] what really connects them."

Despite the myriad issues with his last two films, I suspect that with a strong producer's hand guiding him, Duncan Jones is still capable of turning out something pretty great. A sci-fi action road movie from Jones sounds intriguing, at the very least. Would you still be interested in watching a third movie in Jones' thematic trilogy? Would a graphic novel satisfy you? Or are you the kind of person who reads a news article and feels compelled to comment about how uninterested you are in it? Sound off below.