Disney’s Live Action LITTLE MERMAID Probably Just Got Its King Triton

Bearded Javier coming at ya.

I have not been paying much attention to Disney’s live action remake of The Little Mermaid. And in my absence, a whole lot of casting has happened. Halle Bailey is playing Ariel. Harry Styles is the prince. Akwafina and Jacob Tremblay are both in there as is Melissa McCarthy as the witch

We still don’t have a king daddy yet, however. Today that might change.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Javier Bardem is in talks to join the film as King Triton. If you remember, King Triton is shirtless with a long flowing white beard. Let us hope that remains the case for Bardem’s interpretation of the character.

Rob Marshal is directing this and Alan Menken is returning to update the music including a new song that has lyrics from Lin-Manuel Miranda, in case anyone was worried about this being a big huge deal type of film or not. It is definitely going to be that.

Following this one and Mulan, there aren’t a lot of remake opportunities left from this particular Disney era. They’re going to have to start getting real creative with it and reaching back some. So definitely call me when they do a live action Sword in the Stone movie.

In the meantime, I like Javier Bardem and think he will make a swell King Triton and simply cannot wait to see all these actors with their fish tails.