Prepare For The CATS Trailer With This Cheesy Behind The Scenes Video

Oh man, we are getting so close.

Friday is a big day for us here at BMD. We are going to get our first look at Cats. It is a very exciting time, especially for Master Scott Wampler, who has waited his whole damn life to laugh at A-list actors dressed up like felines.

Forty eight hours is a long wait, though. In the meantime, perhaps to build some anticipation for this huge event, a somewhat substantial behind the scenes video has been released. I’ll just tell you right now, we don’t see any of the cats. We do get to ogle the oversized practical sets though. Check it out:

I know, we don’t normally run these things. But Cats is special, and I have to honor that. I’ll see you all Friday when the big day finally arrives.