The GOOD BOYS Swear It Up In Another Red Band Trailer

You won’t believe it, but these kids swear!

If you have a movie where the whole premise is little kids having very filthy mouths, you’re going to have to get red band with it. As such, today brings us yet another red band trailer for Good Boys, the upcoming film about three kids who want to learn how to kiss.

It even starts just like the last red band, with the kiddos in Seth Rogen’s office being told they’re not old enough to watch their own trailer. Hey, it’s a good joke and people have had months to forget. Might as well get in that well a second time.

Check it out:

I have heard almost unanimous praise for this film from those who saw it at SXSW. And even with all the swearing and sex talk, I have to admit the trailer looks kind of cute. Having said that, I do worry that the whole thing will just be kids yelling at each other for two hours. I guess the only way to be sure is to see it.

Good Boys hits theaters August 16.